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Academic regulations

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We are thrilled to welcome you to the Global Business and Digital Arts program in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Waterloo!

The information below is designed to help you to understand details of the Global Business and Digital Arts program. Another important resource is the Academic Calendar which contains important program and policy information, as well as course descriptions.

Important links

You will also find information about the Stratford Campus, where you will also be taking classes.


Main Campus
While on main campus you can access advising services through the Arts Undergraduate Office (PAS 2439) where every student in the Faculty of Arts is welcome. Making an appointment is the best way to see an advisor, but many questions can be answered by the front desk staff, or via e-mail.

Arts Undergraduate Office
PAS 2439
ext. 35870

Stratford Campus 
While at the Stratford Campus you are welcome to drop by the Student Services Office for assistance. You can also e-mail or call 519 888-4567 x 23009 for information and assistance.

NOTE: When making contact with an advisor about a specific issue, please contact only one of the offices listed above. Do not send the same request to both offices, as this may delay response.

Academic realities

Academic Standing

At the end of each term, after grades are finalized your academic standing will be posted in Quest on your unofficial transcript. To remain in good academic standing you must maintain a 75% major average (all courses required for your major), and a 60% overall cumulative average. For students following the 2017-2018 academic calendar, you must maintain a 70% major average. If your marks fall below this, you should arrange to meet with an advisor immediately.

Degree requirements

The following courses are required in order to graduate with a Global Business and Digital Arts degree. This information is also contained within the academic calendar:

Year 1:


  • GBDA 101
  • GBDA 103
  • ARBUS 200
  • Elective/VCULT 100 or 101
  • Elective


  • GBDA 102
  • ECON 101
  • Second language course
  • FINE 130 or Elective
  • Elective

Year 2:


  • GBDA 201
  • GBDA 203
  • ARBUS 300
  • CS 115
  • Second Language Course


  • GBDA 202
  • GBDA 204
  • GBDA 205
  • GBDA 228/229/Elective
  • CS 116

Year 3:


  • GBDA 301
  • GBDA 303
  • GBDA 304
  • GBDA 228/229/Elective


  • GBDA 302
  • GBDA 305
  • GBDA 306
  • CS 330

 OR if on international exchange

  • GBDA 365 (2.5) 

Year 4:


  • GBDA 401
  • GBDA 403

OR if on international exchange

  • GBDA 465 (2.0)
  • GBDA 403


  • GBDA 402
  • GBDA 404

Note: Information that is reflected on this web page is valid through the 2017-2018 academic calendar year. It is subject to change for the 2018-2019 academic calendar year.

Declaring a Minor

Students are eligible to declare a minor in a secondary field. Please be advised that if you intend to complete a minor, you must make an appointment with the academic advisor for undergraduate studies of the department in question. For example, if you wish to minor in Psychology, you must speak with the academic advisor for undergraduate studies in the Department of Psychology.

Please note that it might not be possible to complete a minor in the field of your choice due to course requirements and scheduling conflicts. The GBDA program is in no way obligated to support or make allowances for the additional course demands completing a minor may place on you, or for any scheduling conflicts with GBDA program requirements that may occur as a result.

Student Success

In addition to the general support services available to all students (e.g. Student Success Office, AccessAbility Services, Health Services, Counselling Services, etc.), we are developing a range of specific workshops, events, and study group sessions designed just for GBDA students. The Global Business and Digital Arts Community has been established on Waterloo LEARN and provides you with a calendar of events, along with important news and updates. Check often for information.