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Program and courses

The learning experience
First year courses
Upper year courses

​The learning experience

Hear from professors Jane Tingley and Philip Boyle as they discuss their approach to teaching and learning:

First year courses

Fall term Winter term
GBDA 101: Digital Media Design and Production GBDA 102: International Business and Cross-cultural Management
GBDA 103: User Experience Design ECON 101: Introduction to Microeconomics

ARBUS 200: Entrepreneurship Principles and Practices

FINE 130: Introduction to Digital Design (see notes) or elective choice 

Elective (or VCULT 100: World Cinema and Visual Culture or VCULT 101: Art History and Visual Culture)

One elective
Elective One second language course

NOTE: You must take either FINE 130, VCULT 100, or VCULT 101 in first year.

  • VCULT 100 and 101 are only offered in the Fall. 
  • If you want to take FINE 130, you must do so in the Winter term. 

Upper year courses

In upper years you can look forward to classes exploring second languages, computer science, business ethics, cross-cultural communications and more. For a complete overview of the Global Business and Digital Arts program, and for course descriptions you can refer to the GBDA Degree Requirements in the Undergraduate Calendar.

*Please note, information that is reflected on this web page is valid through the 2017-2018 academic calendar year. It is subject to change for the 2018-2019 academic calendar year.