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Want to gain a global perspective? GBDA students are encouraged to take part in an international exchange – it's a great way to build your global network and see the world.

Students may participate in a 1-term exchange during the first semester of third or fourth year. You'll have access to exchange agreements with universities around the world – including in England, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and many more.

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Go Abroad Opportunities

The University of Waterloo Stratford Campus encourages students enrolled in the Bachelor of Global Business and Digital Arts to go abroad for one term, usually in their third year. Over 50% of GBDA students pursue a term abroad. 

We strongly encourage you to consider our recommended exchange partners. We have selected the following institutions to match our program requirements and coincide with the timeline of mandatory internships.

Here are the suggested insitutions and courses that previous GBDA students have attended.

All study abroad and exchange opportunities offered by the Faculty of Arts are available to you. However, we suggest you consider our recommendations before exploring these opportunities. 

* Please note that these are only course suggestions. You are not limited to these courses nor is transfer credit guaranteed. These courses may not be offered on a regular basis.


In order to be eligible for an exchange, your cumulative Major Average (MAV) must be at least 70% and you must have completed a minimum of two years of university studies.

How it works

When on exchange, you will pay tuition fees to the University of Waterloo, equivalent to 2.5 credits per term, rather than to the exchange university. The courses taken during the exchange can be credited towards your Waterloo degree (subject to academic approval). Generally, successful completion of courses abroad means a minimum grade of 60% or C/C- in the course to fulfil your academic requirements. All acceptable grades received from international courses will appear only as "credits" on your Waterloo transcript. The transfer credits will be assessed upon successful completion of your exchange (generally 2 to 4 months following the end of your term abroad). You will enroll in GBDA365, if you go abroad in the winter term of your third year. GBDA365 is weighted at 2.5 credits. You will enroll in GBDA465, if you go abroad in the fall term of your fourth year. GBDA465 is weighted at 2.0 credits. In addition to GBDA465, you will also enroll in GBDA403 online.

How to Apply

For detailed information on the application process, please click here.

Financing your term abroad experience

The University of Waterloo offers financial aid and scholarships to help you finance your study abroad experience.

To find out more see the Waterloo International website.