The Global Business and Digital Arts (GBDA) Society is the representative student body for undergraduate students enrolled in GBDA at the University of Waterloo. 

Objective is to: 

  1. provide resources for all students which allow them to seek out both academic and professional aspirations,

  2. create a forum where members may share ideas,

  3. cultivate a spirit of mutual assistance and co-operation, as well as open lines of communication among GBDA students, faculty and staff.  

  4. host and support academic and social events to cultivate community among members. 

Executives Positions

Executive positions within the Global Business and Digital Arts Student Society include Co-Presidents(2), Vice-President Finance, Vice-President Design, Vice-President Communications (Secretary), Vice-President External, Vice-President Social, Vice-President Academic, Year-Reps. 

2016-2017 GBDA Society Executive

GBDA Society ExecutivesShown from left to right: Nikita Larter, Aseel Attar, Sonia Darlison, Kiera McMaster, Emily Hutnik, Lauren Dagworthy, Lauren Noble, Austin Fisher

  • Co-President – Nikita Larter
  • ​Co-President – Lauren Dagworthy
  • ​VP Academic – Austin Fisher
  • VP Operations - Emily Hutnik 
  • VP Social – Aseel Attar
  • VP Design – Mu Li
  • VP Finance - Brandyn Tai
  • 1st Year Reps - Sean Flanagan and Kiera Elyce
  • ​2nd Year Rep - Sonia Darlison
  • ​3rd Year Rep – Aseel Attar
  • 4th Year Rep - Lauren Noble


Elections for all elected executive positions are held by the society during the end of winter term for the following spring, fall, and winter terms. Any vacant positions may be appointed by current executive members of the GBDA society for the remainder of the current election cycle.

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