Experiential Education and Industry Partnerships

Our students are talented critical thinkers who ask meaningful questions and push creative boundaries to bring new and engaging solutions to your organization.

Whether through digital storytelling, UX/UI (user experiences/interfaces), visual design, or social media strategies, our students consult with an interdisciplinary approach by bringing together design thinking, technology and business — making great additions to any firm.

ontario digital internship

Undergraduate Co-op Work Terms

Our specialized co-op sequence for GBDA undergraduates gives them real-world experience in digital media, including UX/UI, visual/product design, digital marketing, graphic design, social media, etc.

mdei students working on project

MDEI Milestone Projects

In place of a thesis, our MDEI graduate students will work in teams of 3-5 on substantive project-based challenges within your organization. Our students combine theory with business practices to propose, develop and implement timely, innovative digital solutions that enable businesses to grow and prosper.

gbda students working on a project

Course-Based Projects

There are always opportunities for our industry partners to add value in our classrooms by partnering with faculty for a course-based project. ​These full-term in-class projects take place in the fall and winter semesters and are available to both our undergraduate and graduate programs.