Student Entrepreneur Spotlight: MXM Nation

Technology start-up CEO and motocross athlete, Myles Bartholomew, and Community & Social Media Manager, Ben Toye, recently spoke to us about their experiences as students in the Waterloo Stratford Campus Global Business and Digital Arts program and with developing MXM Nation.

Myles Bartholomew and Ben Toye of MXMNation

MXM Nation is a social commerce platform that connects athletes, dealers and service providers enabling them to do business with each other, buy/sell new and used parts, products and services.  Currently they are in the process of rolling out their applications with the goal to help foster sponsorships and promotions for riders and athletes.  Myles notes, “Our traction is beginning to pick up – we’ve only been live for two months now so we are just starting to get into sponsors.  We are talking to our own sponsors within this industry to see what we can do to help them.  They are all really in love with our platform.”

When researching the GBDA program, Ben saw that it covered the media aspect that he desired and Myles was drawn to the global business aspects that he really wanted to focus on.  Myles elaborates,   “It really helped me get a big understanding of all the different technologies that are out there to help monetize a business. And I really like the campus and all the technology and innovative ideas that are coming out of there.”

What they really like about the program is that it’s oriented in real projects and experience.  Bringing teams together and working in groups is a necessary skill that Myles believes is what’s going to help the students coming out of that program to become the business leaders and innovative leaders in industries that they’re going to be going into.  “It’s the cutting edge – it’s the next thing. It’s new business.  You’re not learning old school – you’re learning the cutting edge of how business works nowadays. All of the business stuff, all of the development stuff – this is what the world is now.  You have to think about the bigger picture, the future and that’s this program.  It’s not the same as going into any regular business program – it’s totally different. It opens your eyes to the technology and the different ways of doing business within the digital media technology world” says Myles.

They highly value the GBDA  business and web development courses which they say have contributed to making  MXMNation an innovative success story.  Ben expands on this thought, “in learning the development side of things we understand our tech guys and what they are talking about.  So that really helps the business side of things – it helps our communication and understanding which is huge in business – we can really transfer what we learn over to real life applications”.   Elaborating further, Myles states that, “having an understanding of all the aspects that go into the business that we are exposed to with all the courses we are taking, I feel it really helps us achieve more creativity and makes us innovate way beyond what we would normally be doing without some of the courses that we took”.

Looking forward their goal for the next year is to have their core platform designed and fully optimized for any web social network. is at the University of Waterloo Stratford Campus booth at Canada 3.0 May 14 and 15, 2013. Please come by and meet the guys! 

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