Canadian Digital Media Network logoWorking with industry partners, like our founding partner the Canadian Digital Media Network (CDMN), the Waterloo Stratford Campus connects independent content creators, digitizers, and disseminators to help bring new ideas and products to market. In addition, the newly launched Stratford Accelerator Centre (AC) will provide digital startups mentoring and services to help them grow and succeed. This is a proven system to help startups grow their business faster. The Stratford AC is a proud contributor to the City of Stratford's economic development plan.

Stratford Accelerator Centre now launched - powered by the Accelerator Program

Accelerator CentreThe Accelerator Program, a globally recognized and award-winning program for establishing and operating business accelerator centres, is now being offered through the Stratford Accelerator Centre. The Stratford Accelerator Centre, created in partnership with the University of Waterloo, complements the City of Stratford's existing and growing ecosystem for business creation, economic development, as well as the arts, technology and culture foundation for the creation of Digital Media.

Established on the same principles anchoring the Waterloo Accelerator Centre, the Stratford Accelerator Centre delivers its own Accelerator Program to start-ups and early stage companies. The Accelerator Program at the Stratford Accelerator Centre provides technology and digital media firms in the Stratford area, a unique range of support services and education programs, enabling these firms to move to market faster, create jobs and stimulate economic activity. The success of these firms will enable the City of Stratford to create a more diverse, knowledge-based economy.

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Candidates for the Accelerator Program must:

  • Be a technology startup in the Stratford/Perth County area, looking for support to move to the next stage of maturity
  • Have a product or service that will be ready for market within 2 years

If this sounds like your business, we encourage you to apply here to join the Stratford Accelerator Centre. For more information, please visit the Accelerator Centre website.

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