The University of Waterloo Stratford School has designed an advising system to meet your needs as you progress through the program. Appointments are always recommended.

What's my concern? Who should I see?
I have questions about admission requirements.

Nicole Guenther
Recruitment and Admissions Coordinator
Room DMS 1007B, ext. 23004

I have questions about course selection.
Academic Administrative Supervisor
I am a current student and have additional questions or concerns. Lennart Nacke
Associate Director Graduate Studies,
University of Waterloo Stratford School

NOTE: When contacting us about a specific issue, please contact only one of the offices listed above. Do not send the same request to more than one office, as this may delay response.

We are here to assist in making your university years as rewarding and uncomplicated as possible. If you have any questions and are not sure who to ask, start with your academic advisor. They can assist you with the following services:

  • Course information
  • Enrollment information
  • Administrative form assistance and processing
  • Announcements for upcoming opportunities and events for students
  • Degree checklists
  • General information
  • Feel free to drop by and introduce yourself!