Doing what’s right with privacy-conscious design

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Doing what’s right with privacy-conscious design

As we increasingly seek connection in a virtual world, privacy and security breaches remain a constant threat. It isn't just a challenge for legal teams and security experts – privacy should be a priority right from the start, says Dr. Leah Zhang-Kennedy.

Leah Zhang-Kennedy

"Designers need to stop thinking about privacy as someone else's responsibility or as a complicated technical or legal problem that is beyond their role," says Zhang-Kennedy, a professor at the Stratford School and expert in human-computer interaction and user experience (UX). "Online privacy is not just a matter of law and policy. It's a matter of ethics and doing what's right."  

Much of her research and teaching focus on privacy-conscious design, which incorporates privacy considerations right into the development process rather than relying on a review at the end. She stresses that combining scientific and technical knowledge across disciplines and collaborating with industry is an essential part of the work.  

To build capacity for privacy design, Zhang-Kennedy facilitated an outstanding opportunity for new designers and industry leaders alike during the early months of the pandemic.