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Calen Siddall

GBDA Alumni, 2017

Calen SiddallBusiness Analyst, Veriday Inc.

Calen's aptitude for business and his interest in experimenting with technology led him to GBDA.

Why did you choose the GBDA program?

I chose GBDA for the reason that I think most people join GBDA: I had an interest in the business world and using technology to make things. Throughout high school, I felt I had an aptitude for analysis and solving business problems, but I also loved creating with technology. I knew I wanted to pursue something in business but I didn't want to give up experimenting and creating with technology. One day I came across the GBDA program and it seemed like the perfect marriage of the two worlds. It was a no-brainer to go for it.

Give a short description of what your current position entails.

My position is a blend of project and product management, client relations, and product development. I get to guide the expansion of our companies software platform and work with clients to help solve their problems using our tool.

Who was your GBDA internship employer?

Veriday Inc.

What was your GBDA internship position?

Business Analyst

How did your internship experience help you enter the workforce?

My Internship helped me in a number of ways. I think firstly it helped me orient my studies with the working world. My internship showed me how my previous years of study fit into the workplace and showed me areas I should continue improving upon to be successful. Beyond that, my internship also allowed me to build a reputation for myself that lead to a return offer several months later when a new full-time position opened up at the company.

Which GBDA class helped you the most in pursuing your career goals and why?

In terms of pursuing a career, it would be a toss-up between the various large scale project courses I took in third and fourth year; they all help in different ways. What I have found to be the most utilitarian course, however, is Computer Science. I work in a software company and a lot of my job involves translating client needs into messages that are relevant to developers. Computer Science made me much more effective at that translation and is something I find more value in every day.

What’s the most important skill that you learned in GBDA that has been essential to your career?

Adaption. Adaption to new challenges and adaption to new skills and ways of working.

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