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Mara Finkelstein

GBDA Alumni, 2017

Mara FinkelsteinAccount Coordinator, Kenna 

GBDA taught Mara valuable lessons about working in a team that she carries with her as she enters the workforce. 

Why did you choose the GBDA program?

Because I had many interests.

Give a short description of what your current position entails.

I work on the digital team to ensure that the website, social media and customer facing digital brand is functional, updated, always clear and easy to use.

Who was your GBDA Internship employer?

Club Coffee

What was your GBDA Internship position? 

Junior Project Manager, Strategy and Innovation

How did your internship experience help you enter the workforce?

It gave me a glimpse into one type of workforce.

Which GBDA class helped you the most in pursuing your career goals and why? 

Anything with group work because I always took a project lead role, certified for the CAPM and share my knowledge as a cross- discipline project manger.

What’s the most important skill that you learned in GBDA that has been essential to your career?

You can work with anyone.

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