GBDA Alumni, 2016

megala headshotBusiness Technology Analyst, Deloitte Canada

GBDA offered Megala the right balance between design and business with the ability to explore and develop other interests.

Why did you choose the GBDA program?

There was a good balance between being design oriented while also setting a foundation in business. You were given the ability to explore a lot of breadth and helped me see what I enjoyed doing and what to grow more in.

Give a short description of what your current position entails.

The consulting role helps the client in their efforts to create and implement effective business solutions that can help improve their company's business performance and value. You gain exposure to a diverse set of industries, clients, and project roles.

Who was your GBDA internship employer?

Orchard International

What was your GBDA internship position?

Junior Product Developer

How did your internship experience help you enter the workforce?

Working with different people across different roles and responsibilities. It taught me the flexibility you need to have in order to adapt to new situations.

University of Waterloo

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