Life beyond the classroom

At Waterloo, your student experience extends far beyond the classroom! From athletics to student clubs, to part-time jobs and volunteer opportunities, there are lots of ways to gain great experience!

The events and programs that take place at the Stratford School and the Faculty of Arts are a success because of the incredible involvement of our students.

There are many options for you as a student to get involved. Opportunities range in levels of involvement and time commitment, so you can find something that suits your schedule and interests.

From volunteering, to mentoring other students, or assisting with student association events, take this chance to connect with your program and Faculty outside of the classroom, get to know your classmates better, and build your skills.

International Experiences

We encourage Global Business and Digital Arts students to expand their global outlook. You have the opportunity to study in another country through our Go Abroad program - our students are heading to universities in Spain, England, Sweden, and China, just to name a few.

You can also pursue the Global Experience Certificate - by completing language courses, a cross-cultural volunteer placement, and an international experience you can obtain a certificate that recognizes your efforts to become a global citizen.

Life in Stratford

The City of Stratford is excited to welcome you! From the world-renowned Stratford Festival to one-of-a kind shops and restaurants, Stratford is a thriving city that continues to evolve. A growing hub for digital media, technology and commerce.

Volunteer in Arts!

For volunteer opportunities at the Stratford School, please contact Darcee Rodgers, Student Engagement and Events Specialist.