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Student Initiative Fund

The Stratford School Student Initiative Fund supports programs and initiatives brought forward by student groups and clubs, or individual students, that will enhance the student experience and foster a sense of leadership and creative community at the Stratford School. The Fund recognizes the potential of student-led initiatives to improve community connection and contribute to building a diverse and innovative campus culture.

Fund Expenditure

Funds will be used to cover expenses related to projects, events, and activities that broadly align with the enhancement of the student experience at the Stratford School of Interaction Design and Business. 

Examples include but are not limited to: opportunities to actively participate in the enrichment of university life at the Stratford School through creative exploration, nurturing international engagement and & intercultural understanding, supporting and promoting under-represented and diverse populations, promoting business and entrepreneurship skills.

To be eligible, initiatives must be held inside of the Stratford School, and at least 50% of participants must be students enrolled in Stratford School degree programs.

The following are not eligible for funding:
•    Expenses that are capital in nature, unless the capital is used for the formation of a new student club
•    Initiatives that exclude students or student groups from participation
•    Programs for non-University of Waterloo Stratford School Students
•    Personal expenses
•    Alcohol-related expenses


Current, full-time, Stratford School undergraduate and graduate students will have the opportunity to submit applications.

Please complete the form below to apply for the Stratford School Student Initiative Fund. Login is required.

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