University of Waterloo support statement

The University aspires to identify students in need and ensure that all eligible students admitted to full-time undergraduate programs have the financial assistance necessary to complete their studies.

Students are required to seek financial support from all sources, including family, employment, loans, and government support programs.

What does this mean?

Your parents/spouse are expected to provide a contribution to your costs based on their family income. Your parents/spouse are not able to waive this expected contribution unless there are extenuating circumstances that may preclude them from making a contribution. If you feel that this is your situation please make an appointment with a Financial Aid Counsellor prior to the bursary deadline.

You must explore all sources of funding including government student aid programs, working full-time during non-study periods, working part-time during your study period and liquidating assets.

You should confirm that your OSAP or other government financial aid is accurate. You may be eligible for further funding either due to an error/omission or by providing additional documentation to appeal the value of your award. Check the OSAP website for guidelines on appeals and make an appointment with the Student Awards and Financial Aid Office. If you have assistance from another provincial student aid program, contact your provincial authority regarding the possibility of an appeal.


Anticipated Aid for your Promissory Note

OSAP, award and scholarship amounts will be posted as Anticipated Aid on your Quest account each term. Spring 2021 full-time OSAP funding will be added as anticipated aid on Quest accounts and will continue to be updated throughout the Promissory Note period.


Full-time OSAP 2020-21

  • up to date

Full-time Bursary

  • Please allow 6-8 weeks from the start of the spring 2021 term for a decision.