OSAP eligibility requirements

OSAP is open to Ontario residents who are a:

  • Canadian citizen
  • permanent resident or
  • protected person

When determining your eligibility, the government considers:

  • your status (e.g. married or a dependent student)
  • program of study
  • course load
  • study period
  • academic progress
  • educational expenses
  • you and your family’s financial contribution

More information can be found on the OSAP website.

Satisfactory academic progress requirements

Students are required to maintain continued satisfactory academic progress during the terms in which they apply for OSAP funding. The minimum standard for satisfactory progress is determined by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development.

Upon the first instance of unsatisfactory progress, the student will be required to provide documentation outlining their academic goals and plans to ensure successful progress in the future.

Upon the second instance of unsatisfactory progress, the student may be restricted from receiving OSAP funding for up to one year and need to demonstrate satisfactory progress throughout that time.