To remain eligible for OSAP funding, full-time students are required to maintain satisfactory academic progress during the terms in which they receive OSAP funding. The requirements are:

  • Undergraduate students must pass 1.5 units each term
  • Students identified with a permanent disability on their OSAP profile must pass 1.0 units each term
  • The number of units passed is averaged throughout the academic year (Sep-Aug). For example, if you pass 1.0 units in the fall and 2.0 units in the winter, your average will be 1.5 units per term, which means you’ve met the academic progress requirement.
  • Co-op work terms are not included in the academic progress calculation, even if you’re enrolled in courses
  • Part-time terms are not included in the academic progress calculation, even if you’ve applied for part-time OSAP
  • Frequent withdrawals or program changes may be considered a lack of progress

Failure to meet

academic progress
Consequences Conditions to reinstate OSAP eligibility (after restriction period):
Failure to maintain OSAP academic progress chart
1st occurrence
  • Placed on academic probation for current and subsequent academic year
  • Remains eligible for OSAP funding
  • Provide academic probation letter (explaining why you failed to meet satisfactory progress; things you’ll do to ensure success in the future; and your academic goals)
2nd occurrence
  • Restricted from receiving OSAP for 1 calendar year

Academic progress appeals

Appeals may be considered if a medical issue, disability, family crisis, or parental leave resulted in the lack of academic progress. Submit the Academic Probation or Academic Restriction appeal form to our office, along with the required supporting documentation, to our office for consideration.

Anticipated Aid for your Promissory Note

OSAP, award and scholarship amounts will be posted as Anticipated Aid on your Quest account each term. Fall 2021 full-time OSAP funding will be added as anticipated aid on Quest accounts and will continue to be updated throughout the Promissory Note period.


Full-time OSAP 2021-22

  • Supporting documents received the week of Sept 6
  • Appeals received the week of Aug 9