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Friday, July 30, 2021

When will fall 2021 OSAP issue?

When will I receive my fall 2021 OSAP funding?

Student Awards & Financial Aid will confirm your enrolment on your  OSAP account and release your funding. We start this process one week before classes begin and you could have your OSAP funding applied to your student account and/or receive funding as early as the first few weeks of September. This process will continue regularly throughout the  term.

Anticipated Aid for your Promissory Note

OSAP, award and scholarship amounts will be posted as Anticipated Aid on your Quest account each term. Fall 2021 full-time OSAP funding will be added as anticipated aid on Quest accounts and will continue to be updated throughout the Promissory Note period.

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    1. October (2)
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    3. July (1)
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Full-time OSAP 2021-22

  • Supporting documents received the week of Oct 18
  • Appeals received the week of Oct 18
  • W22 extensions received the week of Oct 18