Changes coming soon to the Registrar’s Office

Monday, November 26, 2018

In mid-December, the Registrar’s Office front service counter will move from the second floor to the first floor in a newly renovated space in Ira G. Needles Hall and will be branded as The Centre. Rest assured, the services provided – e.g., form submission, payment of holds, production of letters and transcripts, and inquiries for Student Awards and Financial Aid – are remaining the same.

Stay tuned for more launch details.

Anticipated Aid for your Promissory Note

OSAP, award and scholarship amounts for the winter term will be posted as Anticipated Aid on your  Quest account. Amounts will be updated throughout the Promissory Note period.

  1. 2018 (5)
  2. 2017 (1)
    1. May (1)
  3. 2016 (1)

OSAP Processing

Winter 2019 OSAP extensions are processed in the order of date received. Please allow us time for processing.

We are currently processing:

  • Extensions received the week of Dec 10
  • Documentation received the week of Dec 10

What's your Net Tuition?

If you have an OSAP application, click "What's my Net Tuition?" at the bottom of your fee bill to find out!

How to apply for OSAP

Watch this video to learn about applying for OSAP.

How much aid can I get? Try the OSAP Aid Estimator