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Tuition refunds for OSAP recipients

Thursday, March 1, 2018

If you have received OSAP this term and are expecting a tuition refund, some or all of the credit balance remaining on your student account will be refunded first to the National Student Loan Centre to be applied against your outstanding student loan balance. Any remaining credit balance will then be refunded to you. 

  1. 2018 (4)
    1. April (2)
    2. March (2)
  2. 2017 (3)
    1. August (1)
    2. May (1)
    3. March (1)
  3. 2016 (1)

What's your Net Tuition?

If you have an OSAP application, click "What's my Net Tuition?" at the bottom of your fee bill to find out!

How to apply for OSAP

Watch this video to learn about applying for OSAP.

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