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Updating Your Income for OSAP

Friday, November 23, 2012

Earlier this week you may have received the following email message from the Ministry:

When you applied for OSAP you estimated your income. Now it’s time to update your income so that it reflects what you actually earned. It also lets you provide a better estimate of any earnings you expect while in school.

You can update your income online as well as check out any changes to your application status by logging-in your OSAP account and selecting your 2012-2013 application. Once logged onto your 2012-2013 application a new link labeled “update income” will be available.

Sample OSAP application displaying the Update Income link

If you would like to be considered for the winter 2013 automatic bursary, you are required to complete the income update on the OSAP website by Friday November 30, 2012.  Our office will be processing the automatic bursaries in early December. If you qualify it can be used for winter 2013 fee arrangement.

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Winter 2016 OSAP processing

Our office will begin to process winter 2016 OSAP extensions and signature pages shortly. If you submit documentation to the Student Awards & Financial Aid office by Nov 15, 2015 we guarantee that your OSAP assessment will be available on Quest in time for you to complete your Promissory Note by the December 10th deadline.