About this work


What is happening?

To improve your ability to collaborate with instructors and professors, we are moving all existing @edu.uwaterloo.ca email accounts to the @uwaterloo.ca email domain.

This change includes Alumni who also have @edu.uwaterloo.ca accounts.


What does this mean?

From April 28 on, your email address will end with @uwaterloo.ca.

When accessing your old @edu.uwaterloo.ca account, you will be required to use the following login credentials:

 Login name: Enter your username@eduuwaterloo.onmicrosoft.com

Password: Use the same password used with your username@edu.uwaterloo.ca login


What are the benefits?

  • Shared Office 365 apps with instructors making it easier to work together
  • Improved troubleshooting and quicker support
  • Simplified logins to applications like LEARN and Quest


Note: You cannot move your content from old to new accounts until after the new accounts have been created. Aim for April 28 and later. See the full timeline below.   

  1. 2020
    1. Apr
      1. April 25 - Creation of new @uwaterloo.ca accounts begins (11:00 p.m.)

        • Mail sent to @edu.uwaterloo.ca received as normal, copy of message delivered to new @uwaterloo.ca account
      2. April 26 - Account creation continues

        • Students required to check both @edu.uwaterloo.ca and @uwaterloo.ca inboxes to avoid missing email messages
      3. April 28 - Account creation completed (this work has been slightly extended and will complete April 28 by 1:00 p.m.)

        • IT staff complete technical work
        • Moving forward, all email sent to @edu.uwaterloo.ca or @uwaterloo.ca address will be delivered only to the new @uwaterloo.ca account
        • @uwaterloo.ca address should be used or shared with others moving forward
      4. Move data from old accounts to new

        • April 28 and after, move old email that you want to keep from your @edu.uwaterloo.ca account to your new @uwaterloo.ca account
        • Transfer files from your existing OneDrive to the OneDrive associated with your new @uwaterloo.ca account
        • Access to @edu.uwaterloo.ca account to move data will remain for approximately one year, until April 30, 2021
  2. 2022
    1. Apr
      1. Forwarding from @edu.uwaterloo.ca to @uwaterloo.ca stops
        • Email sent to old @edu.uwaterloo.ca account no longer delivered to @uwaterloo.ca account