About Student Service Transformation - Needles Hall

The transformation

In the past, the University has heard from students about frustrating experiences when navigating services across campus. This project aims to improve that experience.

The goal is to enrich undergraduate and graduate student experiences by creating a centralized space where staff can help students with a variety of services (i.e. picking up an official transcript, international advising, OSAP inquiries, etc.). The initiative will be an evolutionary process where new services and information will be added on an ongoing basis. However, specialty services such as private counseling and academic advising sessions will not be part of the final vision for the centre. 

This new centralized service will be developed in a phased approach.

Phase one

The first phase of the Student Service Transformation - Needles Hall (SSTNH) will include the creation of:

Future opportunities (after launch) will include continuous improvement to services and processes and possible onboarding of more partners.


Technology will be upgraded where possible in order to improve student and staff interactions:

  • convert RO, GSPA and SSO staff to Skype
  • new knowledge base for staff and student inquiries
  • new case management and queuing system
  • digital signage
  • website and online presence 
  • self-service improvements for students (e-commerce, proof of enrolment letters in Quest)

Guiding principles

  • improve the experience of students through the integration of services, maximizing self-service options, and seeking other possible opportunities
  • provide a scalable, centralized service for students with the evolutionary addition of partners, services, Information Systems/Information Technology (IS/IT), and capabilities
  • improve the experience of staff through the enhanced service provision and interaction among units
  • increase efficiency of transactional work and provide a quick path to exception handling

Decisions will maintain the academic and financial integrity of the institution, with priority toward maximizing the experience for students.

For more information about the project, please read the Program Charter (PDF).