Undergraduate course help

Students studying together.

Undergraduate course help is offered by the Student Success Office as peer facilitated sessions that model "how to learn" with "what to learn." The goal of the sessions is to help students develop a more sophisticated approach to learning, while giving them the tools to think critically about course material. 

To help keep our Waterloo community safe, the University has suspended all events that are not vital to the academic mission of the university. As such all on-campus Supported Learning Groups for BIOL 130 are cancelled as of March 14 for the remainder of the winter 2020 term. Join the BIOL 130 SLG Winter 2020 Facebook Group to access online support from Peer Success Coaches as you work through the course online. The University will continue to post updates to the COVID-19 website including public health guidance and academic information. During this challenging time, please take care of yourself and let us know if you have any event rescheduling questions.

BIOL 130 Supported Learning Groups (SLG)

Supported learning groups (SLG) give students a chance to attend free, weekly study sessions with their classmates. 

Students that attend SLG sessions on a regular basis have been shown to have increased grades in the course over students that do not attend SLG sessions.

Faculty of Science Peer Success Coaches create and facilitate fun and engaging activities to help students review challenging course content. 

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