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Waterloo students are accomplishing awesome things every day - and we want to tell your stories of success.

Creating global connections through campus community

Finding your place in university is one of the most difficult things about being a student, especially when Canada isn’t your native home. The University of Waterloo is home to more than 6,600 international students from more than 120 countries and we at UWaterloo strive to make the transition for international students as easy as possible. 

Balancing act: How to ride the waves of fun, work and academic success

Kendall Jenner trying to succeed at life meme

University students are rarely ever just students. Most of them are also part-time workers, avid volunteers, social butterflies - the list goes on. Finding the right balance to manage all these roles seems to be one of the biggest challenges that students tend to face.

Get connected: Meet the student whose passion for networking is connecting students to new opportunities

Tiana Eghdam

In March 2017, fourth-year Global Business and Digital Arts student, Tiana Eghdam, held a UWaterloo Communitech Ambassador event centered on digital marketing and branding. This conference was called, “Get Connected.” It hosted a variety of experienced speakers, workshops and panels who sought to engage UWaterloo students on everything from personal branding to building your network and content marketing.

The Water Boys sing their way to historic success

The Water Boys pose with an award.

In 2008, eight engineers from the University of Waterloo joined together to create a platform from which they could actively pursue one of their many passions – singing! It was then that the Water Boys, UWaterloo’s first all-male a cappella group, was officially formed.

Hello sunshine!

The spring semester is a great time to be on campus. The sun is shining, the flowers are in full bloom and the weather is warm.

How homework becomes entrepreneurship

It’s no secret that students tend to turn to alternative marketplaces to find, trade or sell their textbooks to other students.

weCONNECTu: An opportunity to give back to the community

Alyssa Ruby

weCONNECTu is a program that is run by the Applied Health Sciences (AHS) faculty to facilitate relationships and mentorship between first-year and upper-year AHS students. It is a one-to-one mentorship program that provides both personal and academic support to individuals in their first-year, as well as refers them to services and resources available on campus.

Four tips to help you excel this exam season

It is no secret that exam time can be stressful. With classes winding down and everyone excited to go home, the idea of having to sit down and study, as well as finish final projects, is a lot to handle. We understand this struggle and have searched the campus high and low in order to provide you with some resources to ensure your success during this exam season.

1. Peer Success Coaching sessions at the Student Success Office

Dunking Down on the Competition: A closer look at the rookies changing our basketball program

boys basketball team group shot

Waterloo is a community that takes great pride in it’s students amazing accomplishments that range everywhere from co-op positions to academic triumphs. Due to this culture, sports at UWaterloo can sometimes be seen as an underdog in terms of getting the attention it deserves.

Making the most of the UWaterloo grad experience

Meghan Riley is a doctoral student in English language and literature currently studying descriptions of race and gender in speculative fiction at Waterloo. As a graduate student who is extremely passionate about aiding the academic success of others, Meghan has become extremely involved in the Waterloo community.  

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