Wat to Do during Reading Week in Waterloo

Students walking across BMH green in the winter time

Whether you’re busy catching up on coursework or bathing in the glory of not having classes or midterms for a week, we want you to enjoy your Reading Week. Here are some great events happening in the Kitchener-Waterloo region throughout the break. Put studying on pause, or push yourself out of your comfort zone and check these things off your to-do list!

Sunday – Catch a double feature

The Princess Cinema: In a Lonely Place and Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool

Any film buffs out here? Treat yourself to more than Netflix over the break and check out this double feature! The Princess Original is playing Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool, a movie based on the life of Gloria Grahame, a Hollywood starlet from the black and white age of film. It retells the end of her life from the eyes of her younger lover as she endures cancer while refusing to go to treatment. The Princess will be playing one of the Gloria Grahame’s hit 1950 movie, In a Lonely Place -- in all its black and white glory -- followed by Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool.

Check out the trailers and remember, students can get discounted movie tickets at the Turnkey Desk in the Student Life Centre.

Monday – Go to a board game cafe

Games on Tap Trivia

Have you ever been to a board game café? Games on Tap lets you play any of their 800 games for only $5. On Monday evenings they host a general knowledge Trivia Night, and you could win a $25 dollar gift card, which is enough for you to treat four friends to a night of games.

Not down for trivia? Check out other board game café’s around Kitchener-Waterloo. Crossroads on King, or if you’re down for the trek, the Adventurer’s Guild in Kitchener. You can even sign out classic games at Sweet Dreams Teashop, right by the University.

Tuesday – Try a new restaurant

Treat yourself to a great meal. There are hundreds of restaurants to try in the KW region:

Wednesday – Visit an art gallery

Textiles and Printmaking Exhibition

The Artery is an art gallery right on campus that students can visit to support the Fine Arts program and explore their fellow student’s works. Wednesday, February 23 is the opening reception for the Artery’s Textiles and Printmaking exhibition.

Interested in more galleries? Visit the University of Waterloo’s Art Gallery (uwag) or the Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery.

Thursday – Broaden your perspective


From the art galleries to performance art: Green Light Arts premieres TOUCH on February 22.

“Jacky wants to connect with you so much that she hurts herself. Her doctor can’t help her anymore and her nurses keep changing. She built this little fort. It's her secret hiding place. She brought you here because she needs you to participate in her own kind of ‘treatment’. She thinks it can help both you and her.”

Entangled: The Series – Quantum and Logic

More interested in learning about the sciences? That same evening the Institute of Quantum Computing (IQC) is hosting a presentation on the quantum world, specifically entanglement.

“QUANTUM + logic, Fay Dowker of Imperial College London will describe a way of thinking about quantum mechanics in which logic is indeed something to which we must pay careful attention if we want a picture of the quantum world.”  

Friday – Go outside

Winterloo at the Park

Spend your day out at a wholesome all-ages winter fun event, right by Waterloo Public Square. Go for a skate, admirethe ice sculptures and check out a bunch of other winter-themed activities going on.

Looking for some winter trails? Try walking through Waterloo Park or one of the many trails throughout Waterloo.

Saturday – Go out and chill(i)

Chainsaw Chili Cookoff

Chainsaw is hosting a Charity Chili Cookoff as part of Winterloo. At only $5 per person, you’ll be able to sample all six competing chilies and vote on your favourite. All proceeds will go to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Prefer to cook your own chili? Make sure to take advantage of local student discounts:

Thanks for reading this special edition of Wat to Do!

Wat to Do happens every Monday on our Instagram Stories, where we provide you with our recommendations for events around campus. Follow us and keep up every week.

Have a great Reading Week! We hope you come back refreshed and ready for the rest of term.

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