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Exercising body and mind

Laura sitting on a FitDesk

Is more exercise one of your New Year's resolutions? A third-year student is bringing a solution to campus to give students more time, better grades, and keep you healthy all at the same time.

Work. Study. Play Volleyball.

Jason Elzinga playing volleyballAn award-winning varsity athlete with a 95.6 per cent average shows us that it is possible to attain a life/school balance while in university.

Exploring the world of Waterloo at Orientation

Erin Wong

Guest blog by Erin Wong 

Hello! My name is Erin Wong and I’m in my last year of Kinesiology from the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences. Since November 2013, I was given a great opportunity to be a part of the Federation Orientation Committee (FOC) team as a representative of the Student Success Office.

Students' rapping video scores the top spot

Matthew Steinman and Michael Born in deepening community videoRarely do we see raps about the importance of building community, but two Conrad Grebel University College students recently leveraged their rapping skills while promoting an important message of peace and unity.