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From 2013-2018, the UWaterloo Life Blog revealed many highlights of the University of Waterloo student experience. What started as one story all the way back in 2013, snowballed into over 300 unique tales of adventure and perseverance, a little failure, and a lot of success. If you liked the blog, you’ll love our Instagram! Follow @UWaterloolife to discover new stories of student success and follow along with student takeovers.

Preparing a generation for peace

Arts student educates about peace in the community

Guest blog by Katie Gingerich

I love camp. I love the silliness, excitement and community. Most importantly, I love the learning opportunities and teachable moments camp can offer. I am Katie Gingerich, a fourth-year Peace and Conflict Studies student and this summer’s Peace Camp Coordinator. When this job opportunity arose in January this past year, I jumped at the chance. How often do you get to mix two of your favourite things into a summer job? For me, this means forging camp and teaching with peace-building and social justice, all made possible by Peace Camp.

Growing up and out

Engineering student expands her organic food business into Kitchener-Waterloo

Guest blog by Emily Peat

My name is Emily Peat and I’m in 4A Civil Engineering here at the University of Waterloo. I started a small organic food delivery business, EcoPlace Organics, in 2012 through the Enterprise Co-op program. Recently I announced an exciting new step for my business; we merged with Eat Green Organics, London’s largest and oldest organic delivery company, which allows EcoPlace to expand into Kitchener-Waterloo.

Working with integrity

Arts student navigates academic integrity

Guest blog by Jill Storey

Recently I had an encounter with a well-known education technology company that made me think about what it meant to have integrity. I had to evaluate both the company and my own values during this experience, and making the right choice was difficult. In the end, however, following my own values led me to success. To me, having academic integrity means that one is responsible for their own work, and does not cheat or take advantage of the work of others.

A vision for the future

Environment student kicks off in World Vision Cup

Guest blog by Alex Foto

My name is Alex Foto, I am 19 years old, and I am entering my second year at the University of Waterloo studying International Development. I am fortunate to have grown up in Canada, a country where things like access to health care, education, and basic nutrition are often things we take for granted. At the beginning of May I travelled to Brazil with World Vision to participate in the World Vision Cup.

Sounding off

Second-year Arts student’s first orchestral piece performed at Sound in the Land

Guest blog by Caroline Bordignon

On June 6, the Waterloo Chamber Players performed my orchestral piece, Wind at the Sonic Convergences Concert during the Sound in the Land 2014 music festival at Conrad Grebel. This was a very exciting opportunity for me as a student, and I feel extremely privileged to have been a part of it.

A positive impact

Environment students attend sustainability leadership conference

Connecting with over 170 youth leaders from across Canada, meeting Chris Hadfield, learning to play the djembe drum, engaging with environmental professionals, and tackling a diverse range of sustainability issues - what do all of these things have in common? The fact that we were able to experience it all within four days at the IMPACT! Youth Conference for Sustainability Leadership this past May.

Locally grown

St. Paul’s GreenHouse student opens campus community garden

Guest blog by Lexi Salt

Thursday, May 22 was a very important day for me, for St. Paul’s University College, and I would argue, for the entire university. On this day, the St. Paul’s Community Garden officially opened! 

Enhancing the international experience

New Feds service launches to support international students

Guest blog by Kenneth Chu Sam

Studying abroad is one of the most exciting experiences you can have; arriving at a new city, absorbing its vibe and assimilating into its culture is part of a fun and energizing journey, but it does not come without its challenges. Incoming international and exchange students at the University of Waterloo often find themselves seeking more peer support and local interaction with local students.

Life and success in university

A student perspective on everyday success at UWaterloo

University can be an interesting experience when you first start out. You have more freedom and more responsibilities! You realize that you are at complete liberty to attend or skip class and nobody really tells you that you have to go. This is great fun, but usually after your first round of midterms you realize that going to class, asking questions, and doing assignments is a lot better for your overall health than slacking off.

Going global

Environment students travel to Poland for international climate change conference

 Guest blog by Yale Wang  

This weekend, a team of nearly 20 Environment undergraduate and master’s students returned from the 19th United Nations Climate Change Conference in Poland. The team, formed in September, took just two months to fully prepare for their visit to Warsaw where they would join politicians, non-governmental organizations and official representatives from over 134 nations to discuss the fate of our climate system.


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