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Marlena Books: bridging the gap between a love of reading and dementia

Rachel reading to her grandmother

Rachel reading to her grandmother

Seeing an opportunity and seizing it is one of the first steps to creating a successful entrepreneurial venture. For Rachel Thompson, a graduate from the faculty of Applied Health Sciences and alumna of St. Pauls’ GreenHouse, her leap into entrepreneurship began when her grandmother, a lover of books, was diagnosed with dementia.

The students have become the masters

2016 Winners of the AETS award

Have you ever thought about what distinguishes good teachers from bad ones? Teaching is an art and skill that requires hours of preparation, interpersonal awareness and constant tweaking. Given the tremendous skill required to engage learners, UWaterloo recognizes four outstanding student instructors each year.

Pencil, paper and loving your body

Kimmi smiling with kids playing in background

Around the world and on campus, activists are constantly challenging the stereotype of what a model should look like. Kimberly Luu is the founder of body-positive figure drawing sessions at the Women’s Centre and a graduate student in the School of Public Health and Health Systems. Started in 2014, the aim of these events is to celebrate the human body in all of its diversity, and to cultivate a safe, fun, and creative space where all body types can be appreciated.

Hurtling between cities at 350km/hr - not fantasy

Waterloop's pod prototype

The Hyperloop is a train-like pod that rides on a cushion of air in a reduced pressure tube. It is capable of travelling several hundred miles per hour and is immune to weather, low-cost, self-powering and safe.
UWaterloo undergraduate students may just have the future of this technology in their hands.

The engineers strike again

Senior Design Team at CEC

UWaterloo’s engineering teams cleaned up at this month’s Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC). From March 3-6, engineering students from universities across the country went head to head at McGill University for prizes in design, consulting, reengineering, debate and communications. All four UWaterloo teams that competed brought back silver or gold medals, showcasing once again why Waterloo is one of the top engineering schools in Canada.

Syde Chicks rule the roost at Portal Hackathon

Syde chicks holding their prize
Ever had an idea that would change student life at UWaterloo? Every year dozens of students strive to leave their mark on campus, including the competitors who vie to build a new widget for the student portal. This year, nearly 40 students gathered at the Portal Hackathon to put their skills and creativity to the test.​

Revolutionizing your wardrobe using bamboo

You might be pitching an idea on a co-op term. You might be hustling to make that exam on time. Whatever you’re doing, sweat stains are an annoyance for many people - and a nuisance that should have been eradicated long ago, according to Chanakya Ramdev. 

Changing the way students live

Team holding cheque and trophy

This UWaterloo team's proposal could change the way students and seniors live in Waterloo Region and beyond. 

Making a global impact through dance, fashion and artistic design

Fashion for Change Dance

Long hours, persistent planning and undeniable passion are all in a day’s work for the members of Fashion for Change. Started in 2010, the Feds club’s mission is to provide the opportunity for students to express their artistic interests and talents through fundraising events showcasing fashion design, dance and much more. This mission is fulfilled through the hosting of their Annual Charity Fashion Show along with additional events such as coffeehouses and dance and modeling workshops.


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