Get to know the SSO: Peer Success Coaching

Peer Success Coaches

Peer Success Coaches for Fall 2016

Being a student can be tough. Trying to juggle your school/ life responsibilities isn’t always easy, but the Student Success Office has Peer Success Coaching to make striking that balance a little better.

Peer Success Coaches can help you reach your academic and personal goals by assisting you with your time management skills, working with you to create a schedule for studying and assignments, giving you tips and tricks on note-taking, reading course materials effectively, exam preparation, and more.

The Coaches are upper year students from different faculties, degree levels, and educational paths that are here to help support students in their academics. As a first-year Peer Success Coach, Emily Acton believes that Coaches are a different way for students to discuss their hurdles. 

Peer Success Coaches are able to relate with students because we’ve all been there - we’ve struggled to study for tests, we’ve had to learn how to read better, we’ve had to deal with a lot of school, work and social pressures, too. I believe it makes us more approachable and makes our sessions more realistic for the student seeking support.”

But Saloni Manohar, a long time Peer Success Coach, emphasizes how coaching can be helpful to all students.

Success Coaching isn’t just for students who are struggling with school, it’s for any student who is open to trying new things in order to become the best student that they can be.”

All students have access to book free one-to-one, hour long appointments with a Peer Success Coach to collaborate and reflect on their academic goals, identify individual learning styles and develop an action plan for success. 

For Cheryl Soulliere, another first time Coach, she has learned through coaching other students that you have to look at the whole picture when it comes to your academics.

Being a Success Coach has really shown me the importance of focusing on what I have done well and the successes, no matter how small, I have achieved rather than spend time worrying about what I have "failed" to do.  This has made it so much easier to get back on track when plans or things have been derailed.”

If you need help discovering what strategies work best for you, book an appointment with a Peer Success Coach today.