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Check COVID-19 updates 

With the arrival of COVID-19, Canada's immigration policies continue to adapt to the ongoing crisis. Review our COVID-19 FAQ pages for the most up-to-date information and to learn more about how this impacts you as an international student:

Prepare to enter Canada

Before you travel to Canada, you either need a temporary resident visa (TRV) or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to enter unless you are a citizen of the United States. Determine which authorization you need by taking a short Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada questionnaire. You will also need a valid study permit to study at Waterloo if your program of study in Canada is more than six months.

Apply for or extend your immigration documents

Regulations for working and studying in Canada

It is important to hold the correct documentation and follow immigration regulations in order to legally study and work in Canada. The regulations vary depending on your level of study.  

Lost, stolen or damaged Canadian documents 

If one of your Canadian immigration documents has been lost, stolen or damaged, you can apply for a replacement copy by mail only. Most documents issued by Canadian immigration authorities can be replaced except for a temporary resident visa (TRV). You will have to apply for a new TRV once you have a valid passport and study permit.

Fixing an error or changing a condition on your document

If you think there is information on your study or work permit that should be changed, speak to an immigration consultant to help determine which application you should submit.

The immigration and border officers have the authority to impose conditions of their choosing on permits. However, if your personal details entered on your study permit or work permit are incorrect, or a true error was made in the conditions or remarks sections that contradict immigration regulations, you could apply for an amendment for free by mail only, which would require you to send in your original, incorrect permit with the application. An ammendment does not change the expiry date of the document. 

If you have met required conditions and would like to have a restrictive condition removed or a missing condition added, such as completing an English language component of your program or having on/off campus working conditions, you can apply to change conditions. This is an online application that follows the same process as an extension application. If your study permit is expiring soon, you can apply for an extension and a change of conditions at the same time in one application. 

Whether you're applying to fix an error or change a condition on your document, you need to explain your reasons for applying and provide the official documents proving the error or how you overcame a restriction.