Behind the scenes with Waterloo profs

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

As we get closer to starting spring term, Waterloo profs from across our six faculties are working hard so that students have a valuable online learning experience. Check out this great behind-the-scenes footage of our profs in action! 

From top to bottom, left to right:

  • Dr. James Nugent, Environment Instructor, adapts to new classroom environment.
  • Zara Rafferty, AHS Instructor, found a bright and cheerful space to plan and deliver her classes.
  • Eddie Dupont, Math Instructor, who is actually on a paternity leave right now, is getting some help with prepping from his new little one.
  • Linda Carson, Arts Instructor, shows us what things look like to her while she is recording lectures. She is getting crafty to try and help PSYCH 306 students visualize something the retina does called lateral inhibition.
  • Andrew Morton, Engineering Instructor, working with what he’s got.
  • Laura Ingram, Science Instructor, shows us her workspace where she gets ready to meet and greet 300 CHEM 123 students in May! She is looking forward to trying out online participation challenges in which students can earn badges and gain points for their team.

Across the University, staff and faculty are working to create the best online experience for you. We hope you enjoyed having a peak behind the scenes and best of luck with your spring term.