Check your student account

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Winter 2013 fees are due December 17

You’ve enrolled in courses for winter (hopefully not too many early morning classes), the next thing on your to-do list should be to become Fees Arranged.

  • Fees for the winter 2013 term will be posted on November 19, 2012. Check your Finances on Quest and watch for an email from Student Accounts.
  • Fees are due on December 17, 2012 (you must become Fees Arranged by this date).

How do I become Fees Arranged?

Becoming Fees Arranged means that Student Accounts has either received your payment in full, or they have received a Promissory Note from you stating how your fees will be paid if you are using scholarships, awards, bursaries, a student loan, or other source of financial aid. 

Once Student Accounts knows how you will be covering your fees (payment in full or a Promissory Note and any remaining balance which will not be covered by your sources of financial aid) by December 17, your registered status on Quest will say ‘Fees Arranged’. This will ensure you have access to LEARN at the start of the winter 2013 term.

How do I submit a Promissory Note?

If you will be using some form of financial aid to cover all or a portion of your student fees, Student Accounts needs to know. Since financial aid isn't available to you until after the start of the term you will be using it for, a Promissory Note lets you pay just the portion of your student fees that will not be covered by financial aid. Even after you have submitted your Promissory Note and the remaining balance by the due date, a balance will remain on your account after December 17. Not to worry, this balance represents the amount of financial aid you claimed on the Promissory Note.

Any further questions can be directed to Student Financial Services.