Congratulations to the Global Experience Certificate graduates

Monday, October 28, 2019

During the fall 2019 convocation ceremony, 14 students received their Global Experience Certificate along with their diploma. Congratulations to the following students...

  • Alanna Wilson
  • Albert Lee
  • Anita Chew
  • Andrew Lanktree
  • Huizi Zheng
  • June Lee
  • Kimberly Mason
  • Natalia Zuchniak
  • Nila Begum
  • Noah Oh
  • Matthew Chan
  • Rhiannon Melvin
  • Rui Wen Lip
  • Umeka Nelson
Your international experience and intercultural volunteerism are milestones from your time at Waterloo. By earning your Global Experience Certificate (GEC) you've demonstrated your efforts towards internationalizing your degree and preparing yourself to engage with the world beyond Waterloo. We wish you success in your future endeavors, and wish you many more opportunities to travel and engage with other cultures at home and abroad.

On behalf of the Student Success Office and Waterloo International, congratulations!