Goose Watch 2018 is live!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Goose on a roof.Goose Watch begins today here at the University of Waterloo. During nesting season, Canadian geese can become aggressive and territorial. Goose Watch is a mapping application that helps students, staff and faculty navigate around goose nest locations on campus. But it only works with your help – the campus community can report nesting locations through the Goose Watch website or in Portal.

Plant Operations will be taking the usual precautions by posting signs and possible barricades in the case of territorial bird behavior. While sharing campus space with these soon-to-be parents, Goose Watch 2018 presents Goose Tips:

1. If a goose acts aggressively, back away slowly and calmly.

2. When passing geese, keep your chest and face pointed towards them. Maintain direct eye contact.

3. Be neutral. Do not show fear or act in a hostile manner.

By the end of nesting season, the next generation of tiny goslings will be out and about exploring campus. In the meantime, you can send in your goose nest sightings through Goose Watch and now Portal, and celebrate the season with #GooseWatch18 filters in Snapchat.

Goose Watch is a collaboration between the Faculty of the Environment’s Mapping, Analysis, and Design department and the Student Success Office. Follow #GooseWatch18 for updates from UWaterloo Life.