Immigration update on biometrics requirements

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Undergraduate and graduate students should note that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is planning to expand their biometrics process for temporary and permanent residence applications. Biometrics is the measurement of unique physical characteristics, like fingerprints and facial features, for the purpose of verifying identity. You may or may not have already had to complete biometrics before coming to Canada depending on your nationality.

What to do:

  • If you are applying within Canada for a study or work permit extension, entry visa, or permanent residence, there is no action required. You are exempt from this requirement until an in-Canada service is created in 2019. Update: In-Canada biometrics are active as of December 3, 2019. Read our news article for details. 
  • If you're applying outside of Canada from Europe, the Middle East or Africa, biometrics may be required starting on July 31, 2018.
  • If you are applying outside of Canada from Asia, Asia Pacific or the Americas, biometrics may be required starting December 31, 2018.