Scam Alert - Kidnapping scam targeting Chinese students in Canada

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Media outlets, as well as Toronto and Hamilton Police Services, are warning Chinese students in Canada about a recent scam. Victims of this scam have been found safe and, as far as we know, Waterloo students have not been targeted. However, we encourage students to be aware.

What you need to know:

  • unknown person(s) are contacting Chinese students 

  • they tell the students to go into hiding or their family in China will be hurt 
  • they are also telling the students not to use social media or cell phones 

It is further reported that: 

  • these unknown person(s) then contact the students' families in China 

  • they tell the family that their son or daughter has been kidnapped 
  • a demand for a large ransom is made 

What to do:

  • Be aware of the scam and contact University of Waterloo Campus Police (519-888-4911 ext.22222) if you or someone you know is targeted
  • Program the University of Waterloo Police contact information into your mobile device (519-888-4911 ext.22222).
  • Keep in regular contact with family members. Set up a consistent time frame for this contact.
  • Travel with others (students/friends/colleagues).
  • Let people (roommates/ classmates/ floormates/ Dons) know where you are going and expected time of return.

For more information contact