YOUR Winter Reading Week has arrived!

Friday, February 14, 2020

Reading Week - February 15 to 23

We’re halfway through February which means you’ve made it through a good chunk of winter. This year, Valentine’s Day marks the end of classes before Winter Reading Week. That means every minute from Saturday, February 15 right through to the end of Sunday, February 23 are all yours! That’s nine whole days without classes, seminars, labs, teaching assistant (TA) duties, co-op scheduled interviews, assignment due dates, tests, midterms, or exams.

Winter Reading Week is a chance for you to get yourself ready for the rest of winter term. For you, that might mean catching up on reading, studying for midterms, getting some research done, or working on assignments. You might catch up with family and friends and spend time binge watching that Netflix show everyone’s talking about. Maybe you plan to take a break from all things academic and recharge your batteries by heading somewhere warm where you’ll have more use for sunscreen than mittens. Or maybe you’ll plan on some combination of work, rest, and fun. Just remember, how you choose to spend your Reading Week is completely up to you.

Whether you're an undergrad or grad student, heading home for a rest or staying around campus, we've got some great ideas and resources you can consider while you’re off:

Staying around campus? Most University offices and services will be open including The Centre, Student Success Office, Health Services, and Counselling Services. Academic advisors and graduate coordinators will also be available. Check with your course instructors to see if they will be on campus or available via email while you are off.

Have a fantastic Winter Reading Week Warrior!