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Pam Charbonneau.

Pam Charbonneau

Director of the Student Success Office

As the Director of the Student Success Office, Pam Charbonneau enjoys getting the opportunity to work with great students and play a positive role in shaping students’ experiences at Waterloo.

Kate Andrey.

Kate Andrey

Global Learning Coordinator

Kate Andrey is one of the Global Learning Coordinators at the Student Success Office. She helps manage the exchange process for Waterloo students who study abroad.

Amanda Annarilli.

Amanda Annarilli

Manager, Operations

Amanda Annarilli is the Manager, Operations at the Student Success Office. Her idea of success is living a balanced life surrounded by people that she loves and things she enjoys.

Theresa Barber

Theresa Barber

Faculty Relations Manager

Theresa Barber is the Faculty Relations Manager for the Faculties of Math and Science. She is excited to learn from and connect with people across campus and looks forward to finding great ways to collaborate on new and existing student success initiatives.

Maria Barichello

Academic Development Specialist

As an Academic Development Specialist, Maria Barichello works to support numeracy and STEM skill building, as well as faculty-specific projects, at Waterloo.

Kristina Bartold.

Kristina Bartold

New Student Transition Coordinator (Grad, Transfer, & Exchange)

As the New Student Transition Coordinator with a focus on Graduate, Transfer, and Exchange students, Kristina Bartold spends her day working with campus partners to organize meaningful ways to welcome these students to the University of Waterloo.

Lisa Brackenridge.

Lisa Brackenridge

Marketing and Communications Manager

As the Marketing and Communications Manager, Lisa Brackenridge and her team work to develop communications strategies to raise awareness of the many programs and services offered by the Student Success Office.

Candace Brown.

Candace Brown

International Student Experience Manager

As the International Student Experience Manager, Candace Brown and her team support the academic and personal success of international students through strategic initiatives.

Kirsty Budd

Faculty Relations Manager

As a Faculty Relations Manager, Kirsty Budd collaborates and connects with the Faculties of Engineering and Environment to support enhanced student success at UWaterloo.

Catherine Chan.

Catherine Chan

Peer Mentorship Coordinator

As the Peer Mentorship Coordinator, Catherine Chan develops training and provides support for peer mentorship programs delivered by campus partners across the University.

Paige Doherty.

Paige Doherty

Cross Campus Advising Specialist

As the Cross Campus Advising Specialist, Paige Doherty works collaboratively across campus to facilitate the successful implementation of advising strategies and initiatives as they relate to enhanced student success and engagement.

Shona Forrest.

Shona Forrest

Data Analyst and Evaluation Specialist

As the Data Analyst and Evaluation Specialist, Shona Forrest is responsible for data management and assessment across the Student Success Office. 

Edita Gatchene.

Edita Gatchene

International Student Experience Coordinator

As the International Student Experience Coordinator, Edita Gatchene coordinates programs and initiatives to facilitate the integration of international students into campus life and community.

Sacha Geer.

Sacha Geer

International Mobility and Intercultural Learning Manager

As the International Mobility and Intercultural Learning Manager, Sacha Geer supports students in getting the most out of their international learning opportunities.

Jennifer Halcrow

Communications Specialist

As a Communications Specialist, Jennifer Halcrow manages and executes marketing and communications projects to support integrated communications strategies.

Jenna Hampshire.

Jenna Hampshire

New Student Transition Coordinator

Jenna Hampshire is the New Student Transition Coordinator for Faculty 101 Days and Parent and Family Orientation.

Stefanie Heinbuch.

Stefanie Heinbuch

Immigration Consultant

Stefanie Heinbuch is an Immigration Consultant and assists international students with their Canadian immigration inquiries.

Anne-Marie Hiebert.

Anne-Marie Hiebert

Academic Support Programs Coordinator

As the Academic Support Programs Coordinator, Anne-Marie Hiebert supports the Peer Success Coaches.

Ambreen Husain.

Ambreen Husain

Immigration Consultant

Ambreen Husain feels a great deal of joy helping students with immigration- or visa-related queries.

Farzaneh Irani.

Farzaneh Irani

International Student Experience Coordinator

As an International Student Experience Coordinator, Farzaneh Irani oversees the International Peer Community and other programs that support students. 

Jennifer Jantzi.

Jennifer Jantzi

Global Learning Coordinator

Jennifer Jantzi is a Global Learning Coordinator at the Student Success Office. She works closely with our partner institutions around the world and many others here on campus to ensure that exchange students have a positive experience.

Erin Jobidon.

Erin Jobidon

Academic Development Specialist

As an Academic Development Specialist, Erin Jobidon supports transferable skills projects as well as faculty-specific projects at Waterloo.

Hazel Kabibi.

Hazel Kabibi

International Student Experience Coordinator

As the International Student Experience Coordinator, Hazel Kabibi develops, organizes, and supports programs to ensure the successful transition of international students to Waterloo.

Boon Khoo.

Boon Khoo

Immigration Consulting Manager

Boon Khoo is an immigration consulting manager in the Student Success Office. She enjoys sharing her expertise with students and feels privileged to be able to work with students through their struggles and successes.

Jill Knight.

Jill Knight

Student Leadership Program Coordinator

As the Student Leadership Program Coordinator, Jill Knight is responsible for the overall coordination and delivery of the Student Leadership Certificate Program. 

Sandra López-Rocha.

Sandra López-Rocha

Intercultural Learning Specialist, GEC Coordinator

As Intercultural Learning Specialist, Sandra López-Rocha is responsible for the development and support of intercultural learning initiatives within the SSO and serves as a resource for intercultural learning projects across campus. As the GEC Coordinator, she is the principal administrative contact and liaison with all students, staff, and faculty associated with the management of all aspects of the GEC

Celia in front of Student success Office Waiting Area

Celia MacKenzie

Orientation Assistant Coordinator

As the Orientation Assistant Coordinator, Celia MacKenzie assists with the coordination and administration of new student orientation programs and works closely with student volunteers who are involved with Orientation.

Kate McCrae Bristol.

Kate McCrae Bristol

Student Experience Manager

Kate McCrae Bristol is the Student Experience Manager at the Student Success Office. Kate has the exciting job of being connected across campus to establish strategic initiatives and ensure integration with all campus partners, as it relates to great programming that helps support students in their development.

Erica McKellar.

Erica McKellar

Academic Development Specialist

As an Academic Development Specialist, Erica McKellar supports academic skills programming as well as faculty-specific projects at Waterloo. 

Ashley McKnight.

Ashley McKnight

Faculty Relations Manager

Ashley McKnight is the Faculty Relations Manager for Applied Health Sciences and Arts.  Ashley enjoys connecting with others across campus and collaborating on new and existing student success initiatives

Jay Mielke.

Jay Mielke

Communications Design Specialist

Jay Mielke is the Communications Design Specialist at the Student Success Office. What Jay enjoys most about his job is being able to create fun and interesting materials to share with students.

Meryl Norris.

Meryl Norris

Orientation Coordinator

Meryl Norris is the Orientation Coordinator. Her role works closely with the Federation Orientation Committee (FOC) to plan and implement First-year Undergraduate Orientation, which helps new students successfully transition to the University of Waterloo.​

Lauryn Poulin.

Lauryn Poulin

Student Leadership Program Coordinator

As the Student Leadership Program Coordinator, Lauryn Poulin is responsible for the overall coordination and delivery of the Student Leadership Certificate Program. 

Andrea Prier.

Andrea Prier

Senior Academic Development Specialist

As the Senior Academic Development Specialist, Andrea Prier works collaboratively with individuals within the Student Success Office and across campus to identify/develop research-informed strategies that support academic skill building.

Katie Schulz.

Katie Schulz

Faculty Relations Manager

Katie Schulz is a Faculty Relations Manager. She enjoys working with many people across campus to create opportunities for collaboration and partnering for enhanced student success.

Nasim Shojayi

Nasim Shojayi

Coaching Specialist

As the Coaching Specialist, Nasim Shojayi identifies challenges within priority student populations and develops strategies and programs that are informed by best practices and current research to help meet their needs.

Taylor Small.

Taylor Small

Communications Officer, Student Services

As the Communications Officer, Student Services, Taylor Small creates communications strategies that promote the wonderful opportunities and resources available to students at the SSO.

Leslie Smith.

Leslie Smith

Global Learning Coordinator

As a Global Learning Coordinator, Leslie Smith helps manage and promote exciting exchange opportunities for Waterloo students who desire to study abroad while internationalizing their degree.

Laura Stickel.

Laura Stickel

Portal Engagement Specialist

Laura Stickel is the Portal Engagement Specialist. Her main responsibility is to promote UWaterloo Portal and find ways to actively engage new users; she works closely with the communications team to promote the Portal and looks for opportunities to increase Portal engagement through various events and outreach initiatives. 

Claire Taylor.

Claire Taylor

Student Engagement and Communications Manager

As the Student Engagement and Communications Manager, Claire Taylor develops engagement strategies and initiatives that help create a vibrant student experience.

Chantal Vallis.

Chantal Vallis

Communications Officer, Internationalization

As a Communications Officer, Chantal Vallis promotes exchange and study abroad opportunities, and international student experience programs and services. 

Jessica McCormick.

Jessica McCormick

Immigration Consultant

Jessica McCormick is an Immigration Consultant at the Student Success Office. She has been working with international students for a number of years, assisting with immigration and academic matters and helping students achieve their goals while in Canada.

Heather Westmorland.

Heather Westmorland

Associate Director of Student Transition and Learning Services

Heather Westmorland is the Associate Director of Student Transition and Learning Services, and she thrives on the energy and excitement in the Student Success Office.

Jenn Willoughby.

Jenn Willoughby

Associate Director of Integrated Communications

As the Associate Director of Integrated Communications, Jenn Willoughby oversees the enhancement of student engagement initiatives, communications strategies, and the positioning of the SSO on campus.

Photo of Lindsey Gesch in front of a white wall.

Lindsey Gesch

Student Relations and Front Desk Assistant (co-op)

As the Front Desk Assistant, Lindsey Gesch is responsible for providing information, resources and outstanding customer service to students, staff, faculty, and parents who visit and contact the SSO.

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