About Students of the Water Institute Graduate Section

Why get involved?

  • Networking: An expanded professional network, with new contacts from across water sectors

  • Collaboration: An opportunity to collaborate with brilliant minds on campus and the Water Institute
  • Training: SWIGS members have the opportunity to participate in professional development events throughout the year

What does the SWIGS executive committee do?

  • Organizes networking and educational eventsWater booth on UWaterloo campus
  • Hosts guest speakers at different events to share their expertise in the water sector
  • Organizes an participates in outreach activities in the Waterloo Region
  • Shares information about the Water Institute and its activities 
  • Act as Water Institute ambassadors for the University of Waterloo

All executive positions are on a volunteer basis and are elected by students in April each year.  

Who is involved?

  • Chair, vice-chair operations, vice-chair academic, vice-chair social, vice-chair outreach
  • The Water Institute (SWIGS is supported by the Water Institute at the University of Waterloo)Water institute logo

Meet the 2018-19 executives

Chair (Mark Ranjram):

  • organizes the general operations of SWIGS, supports the duties of all executives
  • acts as a liaison between SWIGS and the Water Institute, attends Strategic Planning Committee meetings, and acts as the official SWIGS spokesperson to contacts outside of the University of Waterloo
  • prepares the annual report to the Water Institute and the incoming executive team

Vice-Chair Operations (Ellen Cameron):

  • maintains all communications with membership, including emails, the SWIGS website, membership lists, social media, blog posts, etc.
  • supports the advertisement and logistic of events organized by other executives
  • maintains the annual budget for SWIGS
  • contributes to the quarterly article SplashPad by the Water Institute

Vice Chair-Academic (Tamara Van Staden):

  • organizes academic events, such as lunchtime sessions, academic workshops, panel discussions, etc.

Vice Chair Conference (Tyler Prentice):

  • support the Water Institute with the annual World Water Day celebrations, and other Water Institute conferences 

Vice Chair Outreach (Joy Liu):

  • organize and promote opportunities outside of UWaterloo campus, including at other Universities and within the local community
  • coordinate social and political efforts related to water that are supported by SWIGS
  • past examples: water bar event with the Region of Waterloo, Healthy Kids Community Challenge, reaching out to Elmira over the Nestle concerns, etc.

Note that executives tend to work collaboratively, and the roles tend to blend as all members work together as a team.