Blog is starting up again in the fall term!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

SWIGS is excited to announce that our blog is starting up again in the fall term. We hope to talk about some fun topics but we're always looking for ideas or new topics! Currently in the works:

  • What's in a name: You study Ecohydrogeochemicobiophyisics?!?
  • Discussions: Should scientists be more involved in advocacy debates?
  • Fun stories from the field and the lab
  • Different perspectives of scales in research
  • What's the future of water research?
  • Communicating water science better

We want this to be a fun forum to explore water research beyond just academic articles or in lecture halls. If you have some fun experience from your research, burning thoughts, achievements (you or your labmates!), etc. that you'd like to share, let Fred know! We'd be more than happy to get ideas, help you write, etc.

To start off, feel free to look through past posts, including the most recent one about a short course in Bordeaux!