Collaborative Water Program (CWP) Liaison

Kalani De SilvaContact Kalani: (Kalani De Silva)

Kalani De Silva holds both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Environmental Engineering from the Northern Arizona University, USA. She participated in bioremediation research during her bachelor’s program and in her master’s, program focused on developing a basic mass transfer model for a biological gas-liquid scrubbing system that uses algae to purify CO2 in biogas. She joined the Water STP group at the University of Waterloo in Fall 2021 term for her PhD, under the supervision of Dr. Monica Emelko. Her current research is on water treatment technologies and limitations of access to cleaner water.

Kalani is excited to be at UWaterloo and is thrilled to join SWIGS and be a part of something great! Her hobbies include running, hiking, reading, cleaning, Netflix and petting dogs.

University of Waterloo

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