History and Mission Statement

A Brief History of Studies in Islam

In September 2010 Renison University College admitted the first students into its new Studies in Islam (SI) program.  Professor Judith Miller, Founding Director of SI, described the program as one designed "to build bridges."  By offering Arabic language classes as well as courses exploring history and contemporary issues, the program provided an opportunity for students to enhance their understanding of Islam and Muslim cultures.  Judith Miller was a professor of English who had taught at Renison for over 38 years.  With Dr. Miller's retirement in 2011, Dr. Idrisa Pandit became director of the program.  Having been long involved in issues of peacebuilding, social justice, and interfaith relations, Dr. Pandit was well placed to build university/community connections and maintain the unique interdisciplinary nature of the SI program.

Mission Statement

In a world where cultural and religious misconceptions lead to conflict, Studies in Islam brings together multiple perspectives, building bridges of understanding and fostering meaningful dialogue.