Minor or Diploma in Studies in Islam

The Studies in Islam program emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to studying Islam and Muslims, exploring the history as well as contemporary issues.  The capstone course, SI 390R, draws together the questions, learning, and understandings experienced across disciplines. This program will be of interest to any student planning to work abroad, to all Canadians in a multicultural society, and to students whose heritage is specifically Islamic.  

Students in any degree program can add a minor in Studies in Islam to their university experience.  A minor in Studies in Islam plan requires eight courses and an overall cumulative average of at least 65%. Students not registered in degree studies may pursue the Diploma in Studies in Islam instead.

SI offers a range of  Arabic language courses, including introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels.  These can be counted towards the required elective courses for the minor and diploma.  For placement at the correct Arabic language course level, students must complete an assessment form.

 Required courses (4)

Elective courses (choose 4)


Students may petition the Director of Studies in Islam for permission to have a course not on the list accepted as an elective.  This should happen before registration in the course is finalized.  Please consult the Director for details.