Keystone Picnic 2018

Save the date! June 1 is the 2018 Keystone Picnic!

Keystone picnic poster

2018 Keystone Picnic Committee

  • Verna Keller, Centre for Teaching Excellence
  • Lauren Ward, Registrar's Office
  • Carlie Wardell (co-chair), Food Services-REV Conference Ctr
  • Heather Steinmetz (co-chair), School of Computer Science
  • Katelyn Doerbecker, Registrar's Office
  • Cyntia Bratan, Applied Mathematics
  • Sherri Anne Arsenault, Dean of Arts Office
  • Stephanie McCoy, Arts Undergraduate Office
  • Brian Dietrich, Plant Operations
  • Marilyn Thom, Centre for Contact Lens Research
  • Davene Palvetzian, Office of Advancement
  • Amanda Guderian, Applied Mathematics and Centre for Computational Mathematics