Keystone spotlight

Waterloo's medical director supports students through Keystone Campaign

By Eleanor Doe
Keystone Communications Committee Volunteer
June 2017Dr. Clark Baldwin

Dr. Clark Baldwin’s roots at the University of Waterloo run deep. His long list of achievements include: undergraduate courses, a master’s degree, campus physician, and, currently, that of medical director. 

He explains that Waterloo has always been a happy place for him, and provided a great sense of belonging. His parents, Olga and Charles, were his relentless cheerleaders who took great pride in his academic pursuits.

In honour of his parents, Dr. Clark gives back to Waterloo through the Keystone Campaign. He gives monthly to support the “Engineer the Future” endowment fund.

"The opportunity for giving to the University of Waterloo in this manner, as well as to be part of the University community, allows me to feel invested in its work and goals, which is most attractive,“ said Dr. Clark. “My parents would be very proud of the exemplary work and academic pursuits that can be supported by charitable programs such as the Keystone Campaign."

As a proud father of two young sons, Dr. Baldwin dreams that someday their interests and passions might align with Waterloo’s program offerings, and they will become students here too. In the meantime, he is investing in Waterloo’s current students through his gifts to Keystone.

Dr. Baldwin is the Medical Director of the Student Wellness Clinic in the University of Waterloo’s new Health Services building.  (The new building was funded in part by Keystone donors who are proud to see it serving such a valuable resource on campus.). Dr. Baldwin was guest speaker at a recent National Volunteer Week event to acknowledge volunteers of the Keystone Campaign.

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