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Sue Grant: Putting the Waterloo family first

By Farzaneh Irani
Keystone Communications Committee Volunteer
March 2018

Sue Grant

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of meeting with Susan Grant, one of our most loyal Keystone donors. Sue is not only a staff member at the University of Waterloo, but also a fellow alumnus, holding both a BSc and an MSc in Kinesiology.

From conducting research in her early years to launching the Student Leadership Program to working in her current role as Assistant Director of Organizational & Human Development (OHD), Sue believes that the experiences she’s had (and continues to have) at Waterloo have shaped who she is today.

The “Waterloo family,” as she puts it, is ever growing and the primary reason for her continued support. Sue believes that even the smallest gift contributes to our students and innovative initiatives, making us one of Canada’s leading institutions. Sue takes great pride in identifying as a Waterloo alumnus and staff member, and she truly believes in everything Waterloo stands for.

Coming to Waterloo led Sue to meet her partner (and fellow alumnus) Professor Russell Tupling, whom she eventually wed in our very own Federation Hall. Within their family, they possess a total of five degrees from the University of Waterloo, with a sixth shortly on its way as her daughter has recently begun her own journey here!

Sue’s continued giving through the Keystone campaign shows that, over time, a little truly does go a long way. Thank you, Sue, for being a proud supporter of the Waterloo family over so many years!

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