Keystone Picnic

Keystone picnic


At the Keystone Picnic, we thank YOU, our campus community, for the financial and volunteer support you so generously give to the University!


2019 Keystone Picnic prize list:

Prize Sponsor Prize

President's Office

Lunch for 3 with the President

Office of the Provost

Employee day off with pay

Parking Services

2 months free parking

Safety Office

First aid kit


General prize pack

Wordsworth Books

4 books

UW Sustainability Office

Prize pack (retail value $50)

Athletics & Recreation 

T-shirts and 2 Warriors season passes

School of Optometry

4 pairs of designer sunglasses

University Club

Two $25 gift cards

Smash Wrestling

Two sets of Smash Wrestling tickets 


Keystone picnic committee

Keystone Picnic Committee

  • Katelyn Doerbecker
  • Verna Keller
  • Marilyn Thom
  • Cyntia Bratan
  • Carlie Wardell
  • Lauren Ward
  • Amilea Burton  
  • Meghan Whitfield
  • Jennifer Jantzi
  • Valerie Herteis
  • Brian Dietrich
  • Nawreen Nishat
  • Mark Grant
  • Diana McGaughey

Cristen Brown

I can help!

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