Types of Survey Research

The Survey Research Centre offers survey research services using various methods of data collection. For more information on how we can help you choose the research methodology to best meet your research objectives and produce valid, reliable and useful data, please contact us.

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Telephone Surveys

We maintain a fully-operational call centre, staffed by highly-trained telephone interviewers. We conduct random digit dialing (RDD) telephone surveys and recruited sample surveys. Depending on the study specifications, we use both landline and cell telephone sample.

While typically more expensive to conduct than web surveys, telephone surveys can provide a broader reach of participants, resulting in a more representative sample of respondents and better validity of survey data than most web survey sampling frames. Telephone surveys using live interviewers also tend to have higher response rates and there are better assurances of data quality during data collection.


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Web Surveys

We typically use recruited samples or samples obtained through panel firms to conduct web surveys. We host web surveys, and our highly skilled programmers use best practices to develop simple to complex surveys. We employ monitored, timed, email reminders to maximize response rates.

We also offer Qualtrics programming services to University of Waterloo faculty, staff and graduate students at $320/day. This service is helpful for researchers who are interested in using Qualtrics, a free online survey system available through Information Systems and Technology, but lack the knowledge, time or resources to program online surveys themselves.


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Mail Surveys

We have the ability to print and distribute custom mailings for paper surveys, advance letters, reminders and incentives. We also offer data entry services. 


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Mixed Mode Surveys

We offer mixed mode survey options to obtain the best possible survey response rates. For example, at times it may be not only useful, but necessary to give respondents the option of responding either via telephone, web, paper survey sent via mail, or face to face interview.

Not sure which survey type is best for your research project? We can help. Please contact us to request a quote or schedule a consultation.

Applying for a research grant?

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Partnership with Institutional Analysis & Planning

The Survey Research Centre has partnered with Institutional Analysis & Planning (IAP) to develop and administer several campus-wide surveys to students, alumni, faculty, and staff.

The Student Experience Survey, the first survey administered through this partnership, aims to understand students' perceptions of their academic and non-academic learning environments and their experience at the University of Waterloo. These topics are explored through questions engaging students in subject matter about their general well-being, perceived efficacy of various instructional modalities and learning supports, and opinions on various strategic initiatives.

Read more about the Student Experience Survey on the IAP website: