We use computer assisted web interviewing (CAWI) software to conduct web surveys. Recruited samples or samples obtained through panel firms are typically used for administering web surveys.

Web surveys enable a large amount of data to be collected in relatively short periods of time compared to other methodological approaches. It is an easier mode for respondents, as they can complete questionnaires at their convenience, which may include starting a survey and returning to finish it at a later date. We have immediate access to respondent data, which enables the provision of timely and accurate project status updates. There are multiple options for inviting respondents including: invitations sent directly via email, respondent referrals, and recruitment via third-party panel firms. To maximize response rates, we provide flexible email and telephone reminder services.

All of our web surveys are optimized for mobile responses.


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Partnership with Institutional Analysis & Planning

The Survey Research Centre has partnered with Institutional Analysis & Planning (IAP) to develop and administer several campus-wide surveys to students, alumni, faculty, and staff.

The Student Experience Survey, the first survey administered through this partnership, aims to understand students' perceptions of their academic and non-academic learning environments and their experience at the University of Waterloo. These topics are explored through questions engaging students in subject matter about their general well-being, perceived efficacy of various instructional modalities and learning supports, and opinions on various strategic initiatives.

Read more about the Student Experience Survey on the IAP website: